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China sewing machine industry
Over the past two years, China's sewing machinery industry is facing a series of unfavorable factors such as rising raw material prices, the adjustment of the garment industry, the appreciation of the renminbi, the export tax rebate rate and the rising labor costs. These factors make the textile industry to stop.
At present, China's sewing machinery industry problems only rely on innovation to solve. Through the development of knowledge economy and science and technology to drive enterprise development, through the cost of production and economies of scale to spread the risk of enterprises, to avoid those products with high homogeneity, low technological content, the risk of difficult to transfer enterprises, such enterprises in The face of market risk when the level of profits will be a substantial fluctuations in the adjustment of the industry there is the risk of being eliminated.
At present, China's sewing machinery industry should be industrial upgrading, improve the scientific and technological content, enhance brand awareness. Sewing machinery enterprises should strengthen the differentiated management, improve product quality, avoid low level of repeated competition. Industry enterprises should also strengthen cooperation, tide over the crisis.

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