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Sewing machine work skills
How to make a beautiful bag
Digging bags is also a key and difficult. How beautiful it is no longer say here, do this line of people know. How to ensure that the four sides? Here to say under the digging bag above the production of the province.
The exact point is located on the opposite side of the excavated piece (the four corners of the digging bag). After the deposit, the standard length and width of the pocket can be used in the press bar, but the experienced car trade union does not use the model Beautiful, they will first sew on the strip, and then sew the next section. On both sides of the chisel will be more points out of a needle (to keep the two points along the lower strip with the corresponding position) turned over the back of the bag angle will not be a trapezoidal shape. Pay attention to two points: the best income received the width of the middle of the bag digging bags, high open the bag can not afford to clean the tip does not look good, low will dig a bag is not good; open bag cut angle must be in place, Can not be in place, it is best to cut off from the suture a little hanging wire, the whole broken wire easy to break angle, hair angle, did not cut in place will be popping correct.
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