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Sewing machine oil leakage problem
As we all know, the oil spill is the biggest drawback of the sewing machine, and can cause a special place for oil spills. According to the author's experience, the sewing machine mainly appeared in the oil spill parts: dental rack, curved needle connecting rod, upper teeth, needle bar, presser foot parts, especially needle bar, presser foot parts oil leakage phenomenon may be more serious.
       Adjust the spill of the rack
    Dental frame oil spill, the general situation is the toothbrush wiping the film or toothbrush oil cover around the sealant off. In this case, simply replace the dental flap or re-seal the toothbrush cover around the cover. Replace the racks scraping tablets to be particularly careful, the toothbrush scraping oil around must not have scars, or scraping oil will lose the function of oil leakage.
    In addition, when the sealant to seal the old sealant all clean up, in the seal on the inside of the seal can not have glue inside the inside, if the adhesive sealant will also lose the function of oil leakage. Because the glue sticks to the inside of the rack, the glue will flow to the scraping oil, so that the scraping tablets lose the effect.
    Adjustment of Leakage of Connecting Legs
    The general situation is the bending of the looper ring. As long as the replacement of new seals, the basic can solve the problem.
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