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Domestic sewing machine
The greater the cost of clothing production workshop, the more difficult to see the domestic brand sewing machine, even if there are domestic brands of finishing equipment, to hear the most clothing business is also the quality of product feedback. The face of domestic brands sewing equipment in the domestic large and medium-sized garment enterprises dominated the domestic high-end market, "no foothills of the" situation, reflecting the Chinese sewing machine industry and the world garment processing level requirements there is a big gap.
At present, the "polarization of the domestic garment industry" is becoming more and more serious. The "28th phenomenon" (about 10% -20% of the garment enterprises in the whole industry has created about 80% of the industry profits) is reflected in the small and medium enterprises in some areas Collapse at the same time, big brands and large enterprises still maintain a relatively good momentum of development.
    As the domestic sewing machine products, the main customers in China's garment industry chain is the low-end small and medium-sized enterprises, due to the domestic garment industry, "28 phenomenon" impact, market demand shrinking, so the domestic machine suppliers are very sensitive to the impact And stress. At the same time, in the relative boom of the high-end sewing machine market, domestic machine suppliers can not share its share.
    It should be noted that in recent years the domestic sewing machine enterprises in the expansion of large-scale garment enterprises such high-end customers have done a lot of efforts and try, but also made some progress. But the success of the enterprise is only rare, and some companies with the number of "show" color. Domestic brand sewing machine in the domestic apparel mainstream enterprises were seriously "marginalized", is still a common phenomenon.
    It takes a long time to develop a new product occupancy cycle, and we recommend that the sewing machine business should return to the old quality of the product parts and components to improve the pass rate of the first-class assembly and reduce the "simple" maintenance of the front-line sewing machine maintenance personnel.
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