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The world of sewing machines
After the industrial revolution in the mid-18th century, the large-scale production of the textile industry promoted the invention and development of the sewing machine. In 1790, the British woodworking Thomas Sam (Thomas Saint) first invented the world's first first hole, after threading, sewing shoes with a single chain of the chain Stitch hand sewing machine. In 1841, the French tailor B · Timothy (Barthelemy Thimonnier) (also translated Bartlemy Dimonier) invented and manufactured a needle with a chain of chain stitch sewing machine. In 1845, Elias ho (also translated Elias Hove) also independently invented the sewing machine,
In 1851, the American mechanic workers I.M. Shengjia [also translated Lecce Merritt wins home] invented the lock stitch sewing machine, and set up the company wins home. The sewing machine of this period is basically handy.
In 1859, Sheng home company invented the pedal sewing machine. From Thomas Edison invented the motor, in 1889, the company also invented the motor-driven sewing machine. From the beginning to create a new era of sewing machine industry.
In 1940, the Swiss company has invented the use of cylindrical aluminum plate casting machine shell, built-in motor portable home sewing machine. After 1950, the further development of the home multi-function sewing machine.
Founded in 1851, the company is the first company to begin production of sewing machines in the United States, when the output of the sewing machine was second only to the clock. In 1870, the United States produced 69 sewing machine company, in 1871, the United States sewing machine annual output of 700,000 units. By 1891, Shengjia company has accumulated production of 10 million sewing machines. It can be said that in a long time, Shengjia company basically monopolized the world's sewing machine production.
After the Second World War, the original West Germany, Italy and Japan sewing machine industry developed rapidly, in addition to European countries still produce high-end traditional home sewing machine companies, most companies began to produce industrial sewing machines. During this period, the Japanese sewing machine business in the government's funding, began to produce cheap sewing machines, and sold to the United States and around the world.
In the early 1970s, the home sewing machine market in industrial advanced countries had become saturated, and Japanese companies had to turn to industrial sewing machines with rising labor costs, while South Korea seized Taiwan's opportunities, particularly the sewing machine industry Rise, production, low-grade sewing machine and put into the international market.

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