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Sewing Machine - China Development
The world's sewing machine industry has gone from Europe, the United States to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore after the transfer, since the early 90s of last century began to transfer to China, the early 21st century, the world has more than 70% of sewing machine production in China.
However, 70% -90% of the domestic high-end market by the Japanese, German companies occupied. In the low-end sewing machine products, the world's sewing machine industry has completed the transfer to China, industrial transfer gradually extended to the high-end products. With the increasing competition in the sewing machinery manufacturing industry, the integration of large-scale sewing machinery manufacturing enterprises and the increasingly frequent capital operation, the domestic excellent sewing machine manufacturing enterprises more and more attention to the industry market research, especially for industrial development environment and products In-depth study of the purchaser. Because of this, a large number of domestic excellent sewing machine brand rapid rise, and gradually become a sewing machine manufacturing industry leader!
In 1869, the representative of the Westernization Party Li Hongzhang visited the United Kingdom, returned to the back of a gold-plated home sewing machine, as a gift to the Empress Dowager Cixi. At that time, the British media also reported the matter.
Today's sewing machine can be found the earliest access to the Chinese market information is an ad. December 14, 1872, "declaration" published a Jinlong Matheson "clothing machine sale" notice. Notice: "New to foreign sewing machine number, each foreign price 50 two, want to buy to come to contact the Bank." At that time, this is the sale of the United States wins the company (then called Singh company) products.
Modern well-known thinker, political commentator Wang Tao has done this machine described. At that time his neighbor was an American, his home there is a winner sewing machine, in 1875 Wang Tao wrote: "home of the West sewing machine odds, the needle of the wonderful, Qiao Jie Han Lun. , Title double wings, needle under the iron wheel, to foot wood board, round from the rotation, hand-held silk Ying Zhang, fine needle dense line, instant and long.
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