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Sewing machine components
General sewing machine by the nose, base, transmission and accessories composed of four parts.
The head is the main part of the sewing machine. It consists of girders, hook lines, threading, feeding four institutions and winding, pressing material, teeth and other auxiliary institutions, the movement of the institutions with a reasonable, circular work, the sewing material suture together.
Chassis is divided into platens and chassis in two forms. The platen of the table is supported by the support head, and the sewing machine is used as a work table. Plates have a variety of styles, there is a bucket or multi-bucket folding Tibetan, cabinet, desk and so on. Chassis chassis of the chassis plays the role of support and storage head, so that sewing machine easy to carry and custody.
The transmission part of the sewing machine is made up of parts such as frame, handpiece or motor. The frame is the pillar of the machine, supporting the platen and the foot pedal. When using the operator to step on the pedal, through the crank drive pulley rotation, but also through the belt to drive the nose rotation. The majority of the handpiece or motor is mounted directly on the nose.
Sewing machine accessories include needle, bobbin, screwdriver, oil pot and so on.
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