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For Jeans


Model Stitch
JK9800DDI-4 Lockstitch 
JK7200DD-4 Lockstitch 
ZJ9600DD-4 Lockstitch 
ZJ9700DDI-4 Lockstitch 
ZJ777T-D Lockstitch 
ZJ777T-B Lockstitch 
JK5200DD-4 Lockstitch 
JK8700DD Lockstitch 
ZJ988MX-3D Overlock
ZJ988MX-3EP Overlock
ZJ958-3DD Overlock
ZJ958-3DD-EUT Overlock
EXT5204DD Overlock
EX5204DD Overlock
JK852-17DD Overlock
JK752-17DD Overlock
JK737F-DD Overlock
ZJ988MX-5D Overlock
ZJ988MX-5EP Overlock
ZJ958-5DD Overlock
ZJ958-5DD-EUT Overlock
EX3216DD Overlock
EXT3216DD Overlock
JK852-38DD Overlock
JK732-38DD Overlock
JK757F-DD Overlock
ZJ8452 Lockstitch
ZJ8422 Lockstitch
JK8721 Lockstitch
JK8751 Lockstitch
JK842 Lockstitch
JK845 Lockstitch
JK008-12064P Multi needle 
JK0303DD-4 Lockstitch
JK1900A Bar tacking
JK430D-01 Bar tacking
JK390-2N Chain stitch
JK390-3N Chain stitch
JK390-3N-PL Chain stitch
ZJ2010R Pattern program 
ZJ2516R Pattern program 
ZJ311G Pattern program 
ZJ2290A-SR-7 Zigzag
ZJ2284DD Zigzag
JK2284 Zigzag
JK20U53 Zigzag
JK20U43 Zigzag
JK927 Feed off the arm
JK928 Feed off the arm
ZJ9450DS Lockstitch
JK2000C Special stitch
JK1508P Special stitch
ZJ1377DD Button attaching
ZJ1903ASS Button attaching
ZJ438D Button attaching
ZJ-B781DD Button holing
ZJ1790  Button holing
ZJ9820-01 Button holing
ZJ880B-02 (for woven material) Button holing
ZJ880B-03 (for knitted material) Button holing
ZJ981-01 Button holing
JK1500-156 Interlock
JK1500-160 Interlock
JK1500DD -156 Interlock
JK1500DD -160 Interlock
JK63900E Special stitch

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