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For knitting

Model Stitch
JK9800DDI-4 Lockstitch 
JK7200DD-4 Lockstitch 
ZJ9600DD-4 Lockstitch 
ZJ9700DDI-4 Lockstitch 
ZJ777T-D Lockstitch 
ZJ777T-B Lockstitch 
JK5200DD-4 Lockstitch 
JK8700DD Lockstitch 
ZJ988MX-4D Overlock
ZJ988MX-3EP Overlock
ZJ958-4DD Overlock
ZJ958-4DD-EUT Overlock
EX5214DD Overlock
JK852-13DD Overlock
JK752-13DD Overlock
JK747F-DD Overlock
ZJ8452 Lockstitch
ZJ8422 Lockstitch
JK8721 Lockstitch
JK8751 Lockstitch
JK842 Lockstitch
JK845 Lockstitch
JK008-12064P multi needle 
ZJ2516ZD 贴袋机 Multi function automatic patch pocket machine
JK0303DD-4 Lockstitch
JK927 Feed off the arm
JK1900A Bar tacking
JK430D-01 Bar tacking
ZJ2010R Pattern program 
ZJ2516R Pattern program 
ZJ311G Pattern program 
ZJ2290A-SR-7 Zigzag
ZJ2284DD Zigzag
JK2284 Zigzag
JK20U53 Zigzag
JK20U43 Zigzag
ZJ9450DS Lockstitch
ZJ1377DD Button attaching
ZJ1903ASS Button attaching
ZJ438D Button attaching
ZJ-B781DD Button holing
ZJ1790  Button holing
ZJ9820-01 Button holing
ZJ880B-03 (for knitted material) Button holing
ZJ981-01 Button holing
JK562-01CB Interlock
ZJ582DD-01CB Interlock
JK664-01CB Interlock
ZJ682DD-01CB Interlock

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